Real Estate Law

Navigating the Legal Landscape: Expert Real Estate Law Insights

From construction law to estate planning, the attorneys of St. Peter O’Brien Law Offices, P.C. have extensive experience in Montana real property law. If our attorneys can help you with deeds, acquisition, estates in land, conveyancing, future use control, nonpossessory interests, or other areas of real property law, please contact our offices.

Low income Tax Credit

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit was established as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 to help provide incentives for the creation of affordable rental housing, and now accounts for approximately 90% of the affordable rental housing created in the US today.

As a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax (instead of just a tax deduction), the LIHTC provides a great opportunity for real estate developers and managers. Don St. Peter is one of very few attorneys in the State of Montana with experience with the LIHTC. If you or your business is interested in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, please contact our offices.