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St. Peter O’Brien Law is your premier destination for Litigation Law expertise. In the complex world of legal disputes, having a skilled advocate on your side is paramount. At St. Peter O’Brien Law, we specialize in providing robust litigation services tailored to your unique needs.

With a focus on strategic representation and meticulous attention to detail, our team is dedicated to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in all aspects of litigation. Whether you’re facing commercial disputes, employment conflicts, or civil matters, our firm is committed to delivering results-driven advocacy and steadfast support.

Explore our range of litigation services and experience the difference we can make in safeguarding your rights and interests. Welcome to a partnership defined by excellence, integrity, and unwavering dedication to your legal success.

Whether you’re beginning a lawsuit or have been sued, litigation can be an intimidating process for everyone involved.  We offer experienced counsel to assist you in all facets of litigation.  Our areas of experience include personal injury, professional malpractice, commercial litigation, real estate, road law, contested probates, trusts and guardianships.  If you are entering litigation and seek strong, experienced legal representation, please contact our offices.

Don St. Peter is an experienced, highly qualified tax attorney ready to assist you or your business navigate the Internal Revenue Code or interact with the Internal Revenue Service.

Don has an advanced degree in tax law from Boston University.  For many years Don served on the Advisory Council of the University of Montana Law School Tax Institute.  Don is past Chairman of the Trust, Estate, Tax, and Business section of the State Bar of Montana.  He is admitted to practice in front of the United States Tax Court.

Along with experience in estate planning and administration, the attorneys of St. Peter Law Offices are prepared to help clients ensure that their wills and trusts are honored. In cases of will litigation, probate litigation, and estate planning litigation, we are determined to ensure that our clients’ wishes are respected and that their estates are executed properly and efficiently.