5 Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies

After you’re in a car accident, the last thing you think about is insurance.  Here are some tips to think about ahead of time before you’re ever in a car accident.

  1. Don’t give a statement to an insurance company until you are clear-headed and had time to thoroughly recall what happened. It’s possible, and even likely, an insurance company will ask for your statement just hours after the accident.  Make sure you’ve had time to move past the shock.
  1. When you give a statement, stick to the facts. Include statements about when the event occurred by describing the time of day, type of weather, and where you were headed.  Tell the insurance company who was involved, what damage occurred to your vehicle, and, if you or anyone else was hurt, a description of the injuries.  Avoid making statements about who was at fault.
  1. Start writing things down. Even when everything is normal, most people can’t remember important facts about their day.  As soon practicable, start a journal describing the accident – and the effects the accident had on you.  This is where you should communicate your opinion about who was at fault.  Make sure to articulate any limitations you experience as a result of the accident, i.e. loss of use of your vehicle, time away from work, pain, and any hindrance to your normal daily activities.
  1. If you have health insurance, use it to pay for medical expenses. Try not to provide the information from your or the other driver’s auto policy to the medical providers.  Give only your regular health insurance information.  Medical bill payments from auto policies can take months and sometimes years to process.  In the meantime, you are responsible for the medical bills, and if you can’t afford them, you’ll be sent to collections.  Let your regular health insurance pay for the medical treatment – you can always reimburse them once the auto policy pays you.
  1. Work with an experienced attorney who will fight for you. A skilled and dedicated attorney is crucial in standing up to insurance companies in order to ensure you’re made whole.  Even though no one would voluntarily exchange a car accident for money, the best way to get you back into pre-accident shape is by having an advocate in your corner.

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